Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is this the reason that Scotland has gone from having poor organ donation rates to being one of the leading regions in the UK?

London is one of the worst. That makes me sad and rather ashamed of the area I live in.

There was a lot of outcry when the Scottish Kill Jill advert came out. I happen to think that controversial/hard hitting might be where we need to head. What do you think?

Comments please...


Anonymous said...

more hard hitting adverts are definately what is needed. people just don't understand how many people will die without an organ and how serious it is waiting on a transplant list and how your life is in other people's hands and down to their kindness of donation.

Shelley Nunan said...

Hi Em , you know how supportive i am of organ donation and whilst i can see that the advert has a hd some effect on organ donor numbers in scotland , i've always believed in people making the right choice for themselves rather than being guilt-tripped into it i think this advert goes to far as the families that are left to make the decision for non signed up members may feel that they should agree to donation because of the message conveyed in this advert rather than because they either believe that its right or that it is the wishes of their dead/ dying relative , also the effect of this advert on the relatives who chose not to donate could weell tip them over the edge when they are already very very fragile and vulnerable .

Anonymous said...

I think the Welsh advert is more effective than that weird wizard of oz parody:

Especially the ending - a little kid attached to a dialysis machine asking you not to let her die. Putting a name to a face creates much more of an impact.

How come England isn't doing anything like this? Can't LLTGL get on to this?

Darkies Gem said...

Maybe a trigger of peoples concience and awareness is what is needed.

The thing is though, you could go to all the effort of sorting it for nothing.

Think about the smoking ads, the drink driving ads....They're extremely hard hitting, and definately give the statement and awareness of the danger of both......But, I wonder whether figures show that they actually do any good.

Scotlanders might be just a bunch of softies who have more of a consience when it come to things like organ donation and it might not just be the advert.

Embarking on doing this advert, might be worth it, it might work great. But it also may deal out a great deal of stress, if people take a negative view to it.

Me, I wouldn't mind the advert, and think a hard hitting advert would definately make me go and register.....If I wasn't already:P