Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm on Twitter now.

So far, I've managed to add myself so I am following me. Twice. No one is quite sure how, and so I am obscurely proud of my technical (in)capabilities.

On other far more important news, this is Ethan.

How gorgeous is he? He has never left hospital. Ever. His mummy and daddy have never been able to take him home. That to me is sad enough. Sadder though is without a new liver and small bowel, Ethan doesn't have long left.

His facebook group has over 47,000 members. I very much hope they have all signed up to the Organ Donor Register.

His dad has decided that he needs a challenge to focus on, and along with some family members and friends, will be running the Great Manchester Run to raise money for LLTGL.

It's pretty humbling really. I really really hope his call comes soon. If you can, please show them your support.

Ethan is another person to add to my "please please please let their call come soon" wish list. Emmie is off on holiday again soon and so the jokes have already started as she is infamous for her disappearance from the country resulting in someone getting called for transplant. Amongst the humour there is a sad note; people laugh that someone should get called in that time but who should it be? Who is "most deserving?" the person who has been waiting longest? The person who has struggled the most recently? What about someone perhaps who has a child? Perhaps it is a child.

The answer of course is that everyone who is waiting deserves and needs that chance. Of course there's no priority of need. But I remember how hard it makes it when waiting and having friends who are also waiting. You want it for them....but you want it for yourself more. For any of you who are waiting who have felt that, please know it's natural and there's nothing wrong with those feelings. It's a survival instinct.

Life for me is good. Better than good. Much better than good. I just hope that we can continue making it better for those out there waiting.

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