Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Glorious, wonderful, exciting, childish snow.

It started on Sunday night, with a thin sprinkling settling by the time I was leaving my parents house.

Waking up on Monday morning and looking out of the window made me feel as if I was five again. The overwhelming joy at seeing almost knee-deep snow was ridiculous. Obviously as A and I are mature adults, we built a snowbear before walking/sliding to the local park to join my family, where my even more mature parents were sledging down the hillside.

As I was carefully forming the muzzle of our snowbear it struck me - as it often does at random times - how I might never have seen this day, and how my family might have been laughing and hurtling themselves down the hillside without me. But I'm here and had the most fantastic time, and tried to make the very most out of it that I possibly could. For my donor as well as for me.

It really was a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the snow...

we have a little bit, not too much, but uni has been cancelled!


Anonymous said...

Your sledging run is still visible this afternoon. I just had a sedate walk!

Luv Margaret

Lorraine said...

Glad you enjoyed the snow Em - and if you have any left, could you send it up to Nottinghamshire because Dan and Joe are desparate to make a snowman! Send it 1st Class please! Much love, xxx

suzie said...

We only have a fairy dust sprinkling here in Chester, darn it :D

Woody said...

No snow in Manchester, gutted ;-)