Monday, October 13, 2008

Last week I did a talk at the Justgiving away day. For those of you who don't know, justgiving is an online service that facilitates charitable donations online. I have been using them for years for the CF Trust, and LLTGL is now registered with them as well.

The talk went really well, and I loved meeting everyone from the JG team - a very friendly bunch who kept bringing me cups of tea and were just very sweet, thanking me for coming to speak to them about my personal fundraising experiences. You can read their account of the day on their blog.

One of the organs which seems to be surrounded by the most misconceptions is the liver. (By the way I am off on one about transplants in case you hadn't gathered)

Unfortunately I have met people who have said they have said no to donating their liver on their organ donor card as they "don't want some alcoholic to waste it". Whilst I see that this is an understandable concern it saddens me. After all, perhaps if my donor had declined to donate their lungs in case a smoker ended up with them I would have died.

It's all so personal, so dependant on perspective, belief and choice. I actually find it really interesting how some people seem to be more reluctant to give certain organs. I know a few of my friends find the idea of donating their corneas too much to contemplate. I also never realised (until I read this blog) how important it is to tick "all" as some things (such as the small bowel) which I would have assumed was an organ do not have their own box on the organ donor card.

So anyway, this video I think demonstrates just why the liver is such an important organ and shows just who is waiting and hoping for that call, and who you actually might end up damaging by not ticking that box.

Click to watch a video on Bethany's Transplant Assessment. Speakers on...


Chantelle said...

i have read your blog for around 9 months now altho this is the 1st time i have left a comment lol and love hearing about all you get up to.
it is because of you that i now have a donor card and i ticked all the organ box, if i can help anyone after im gone then at least that something.
i commented on the video on the cf site as i was very moved by it.
keep up the good work :)

fairenuff said...

You made me cry! It's wonderful to think this blog might go some way to showing people that liver disease isnt always about alcoholics. And even alcoholics should get a second chance, who knows why they went there on their journey?

But so many more children and adults in need of livers have no connection to alcohol and suffer because of misconceptions.

I am so thankful for sites like yours, getting the message out there.


Anonymous said...

Well done, Mrs A.

I try to get people to think about giving unconditionally. You may refuse to give your liver to an alcoholic then leave your heart to a wife beater. You can't worry about who will get what, the professionals will make an informed decision. It's a message that needs stressing time and again. Young children need livers. I met a young woman who got a liver because arthritis medication ruined her own and as you well know, my 5 year old still has a mum because someone donated their liver to me. Lets keep banging the drum :-)

Audrey xx

Gilly said...

Did you know that many women suffer from liver problems and sclerosis only due to the fact that they suffer greatly from constipation throughout their lives and stools ferment when they are not dispersed causing the same damage to the liver that alcohol would?? I read that somewhere a long time ago and felt that it was relevant here because I totally agree with the misconceptions.

Much love Gilly xx

Anonymous said...

I have become an organ donor thanks to being educated by your blog and your talk. I ticked all the boxes...
and seeing that video just reinforces to me that it's the right thing to do!
Thank you Emily x

Anonymous said...

You really are an inspiration