Monday, October 20, 2008

I've had one of those weekends where you're just doing bits and bobs, but loads of wonderfully lovely bits and bobs.

Catching up with friends, visiting people you've been meaning to go and see but keep not getting round to, cleaning the house and feeling the satisfaction of it being all sparkly and tidy, seeing family, resting and relaxing in front of guilty-pleasure TV...

It's weekends like that when I reflect back on how it used to be. There was no option to suddenly decide to go and see people or head to the pub for lunch. I couldn't pop round to my family then rush back as I had to head off somewhere else. Everything was unconfirmed, waiting to see if I was well enough, if I had enough oxygen, and if it as a yes it was a military operation to get me out of the house. lucky am I!? At this point I'd like to mention a friend of mine, Rachy, who is not as lucky. Any support you can give her is greatly her and by me.

I am off to Manchester later on to stay with our lovely Advocate Holly. I assure you it's all for work purposes, I am spending all Tuesday at a study day at the Manchester Royal infirmary, hosting a LLTGL stand, and giving a presentation about our charity and of course about me. It'll be a long day but I'm really looking forward to it; I've so been bitten by the "giving talks" bug again since doing the Justgiving one.

Just give me an audience, and I'll talk at them...who knew that my teachers' biggest concern at school ("Emily talks too much". "Emily is a bright student but needs to concentrate more and not get distracted") would turn into such a bonus? woohoo!

Oh and one final random comment - can anyone involved in design and/or fashion please drop me an email? Thanks muchly.


suzie said...

Good luck with the presentation hunni, I'm sure you'll make a big impression.


Anonymous said...

Hi Emily it was wonderful to see you again and so good that you were able to stay with us on your way to Manchester! Your presentation was excellent and was well received by the audience many of whom I expect had a lump in their throat by the end of it