Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I knew I did the right thing blogging about my mental block re homeworking; thank you all so much for your comments and emails and so many of you raised points I must admit I didn’t consider (like the trust element). I will most definitely look upon this as a positive progression and am now in a much more sensible mindset about it all. So thank you.

I did another talk on Monday evening, this time to some local Guiders. I really enjoy doing my talks and try to do them as often as possible (I think it’s just word of mouth really, I’ve never really advertised them as such) but of course they tend to be evening ones now I am working (I love saying that, although I did call myself a working girl quite proudly in public the other day then realised it is another name for a prostitute. Oops).

Anyway it went really well. I have a sort of format which I vaguely stick to but I adapt it depending on the amount of people, their background (eg: medical) and how long they want me to witter on for. I love doing those talks as I feel like I am actively doing something to help those waiting, but I do try not to smooth over any of the sad and upsetting bits as I feel people need to understand just why organ donation is such an acutely important topic. A was so fed up of helping me lug broken cardboard boxes around he has provided me with a large black suitcase on wheels for all my bits and bobs; infinitely easier to manoeuvre from talk to talk and so much more professional looking! The next one I am doing is mid June in Kingston, and is actually an open one so do contact me if you want to come along.

This afternoon was sad as I joined hundreds (literally) of other people to say goodbye to Sam. It was a beautiful service, the most heartbreaking bit listening to her group of close friends stand up and sharing through their tears their memories about Sam and what she meant to them. It’s so frustratingly hard watching; it didn’t have to be like this and I think on this side of the looking glass I feel it even more, just how wrong and unnecessary a loss like Sam’s is. I know how different it could have been, and the fact I am lucky enough to still be here...I don’t know I think it just makes it even more nonsensical. I felt so privileged listening to those who knew Sam best telling everyone all about her, and totally inspired by the bravery of her family and friends. I am thinking of them all tonight.

This evening however will be a happy one, as it is a year since A proposed, so we are going out to celebrate the year that has been amazing in every single way. I cannot believe how far we have come both together and as individuals in the space of 12 months. It has been an incredible journey so far and I am absolutely having the time of my life.


Gilly said...

Just some hugs and kisses xx

Gilly xxxx

suzie said...

And some from me too.



Jac said...

Congrats on your proposal anniversary! Here's hoping this next year brings even more fun and happiness into your life :-)

Steve said...

Given the link to your blog from a good friend of yours - Liz. I'm her work based mentor in the ambulance service.

I'm really pleased she pointed me in your direction. Great blog, and given me lots to think about.

Congratulations on your anniversary