Saturday, June 07, 2008

I can't believe I haven't posted in almost a month! That is pretty shocking. I tend to post of course when there's something to post about; I wouldn't want to write for the sake of it.

It occurred to me the other day, I have an awful lot of material I have written for a book (some of it from this blog) which I am currently doing nothing with so I might post a few bits of that...

My youngest sister turned 18 at the beginning of the week. Thanks to me being rather poorly she grew up a little quicker than perhaps she should, but it still feels weird that she is now a real grown-up (well as grown-up as turning 18 actually makes you.)

Work is going well; I think I am still struggling to adjust to the fact that I'm not immediately perfect at this. Thinking about it logically I think it's because I haven't challenged myself properly since Uni. When I was ill I always ensured I kept myself busy but of course they were doing things I was naturally good at (talking about myself) so it came easily. I got told at work the other day "you are the smiliest person I've ever seen!" which I took as a huge compliment! It reminded me of one of my old favourite quotes: "Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important" which I used to remember whenever I felt down about looking so poorly. Anyway I can't help smiling. It's genetic.

The Breathing Life Awards were held last Thursday and looked amazing from the clips I have seen on the net (which can be seen here). It's a very glitzy night organised by the CF Trust to recognise people with CF's achievements; everything from getting through the toughest times to academic and sporting achievement. The emotion there on the night is incredible; I was lucky enough to win an award in 2005 and it really was a night to remember, so massive congrats to everyone who went and was nominated this year.

I hope everyone else is out and about living and enjoying life, and making the most of this weekend's beautiful weather so far this weekend! Long may it last...


Anonymous said...

Hi Emily, have been out of touch for a while - sorry. Just catching up on all your blogs. I was diagnosed with arthritis when I was 34 (am now 30 years older) and am almost painfree. I take garlic supplements, fish oil, occasionally glucosamine - when I remember it - and for flareups pure pineapple juice. Some of these may not be compatible with your medecine, especially the latter, so you'd need to check it out. If you can take pineapple juice, a litre a day for a couple of days during the flareup and then a glass every other day really gets rid of the pain. But, as I think it can be blood-thinning, you would need your doctor's opinion.

Glad to hear you are now working one day from home. I have lots of friends and colleagues here in Switzerland in perfect health who do the same, it's got nothing to do with being more fragile. You can do the same job just as well from home; in fact, maybe we should all work from home - think of the savings in petrol and time spent in the car or on public transport.

So very sorry to hear about Sam. My thoughts are also with her family at this difficult time.

You keep well m'dear.

hugs, Swissfriend

Anonymous said...

So glad you've updated your blog, been checking it daily, and not heard much.
Any way I hope you had a lovely weekend, and your sister had a fab 18th.
Andy xx

Anonymous said...

blimey - can't believe abby is 18!!!!! Nice to hear from you - love to your mum
Lindy xxxxxx

Jac said...

Looking forward to seeing bits of the book - sounds like a good idea to post some of that. It will keep your readers amused!

Lovely compliment from your work - it's nice to be thought of as 'smiley' and it's certainly a word I would associate with you :-)

Higs xx