Thursday, December 06, 2007

Harefield today – my first clinic appointment in 3 months! The weather was pretty atrocious this morning meaning the roads were just as bad, and I drove past two pretty horrible accidents (I am not very grown up and it makes me very sad when I drive past these things). Got there late (doh) so straight in for bloods. Clearly I hadn’t drunk enough this morning as even after 3 attempts by one of my fave phlebotomists who usually has no problems with me, I was pretty damn stingey.

I knew I had a busy day ahead as I had several things on my agenda; Christmas cards to deliver to each ward, a huge tin of biscuits to wave at any passing staff, and of course wedding photos to show off left right and centre! Oli and another person I know are inpatients so I wandered off to wave to them as well. Oli is looking fantastic (although if he’s anything like me he will want to pelt people with anything in reach who keep saying that to him) and it was so lovely to see all the staff again on various wards. There was much cooing and admiring of photos and chatting excitedly about the honeymoon which is on Saturday!

I may not have blogged about this…we weren’t going to go on honeymoon as A had used up all his leave from work (and more). Well I guess technically I’d used it all up for him, but either way it wasn’t looking likely until his lovely company decided their present to us both would be to send us to Budapest for 4 days to experience the gorgeous city and famous markets, hopefully including some lovely Christmas ones. I am really rather over excited about it all. How sweet are some people in this world…

Anyway back to today; X-ray was fine, lung func up quite significantly which they were all delighted by as I am nearly 1 year post and it’s still moving upwards, yay! The only thing that was a tad amiss is my creatine levels seem to be playing around a little bit. I really know very little about kidney stuff (in fact what I do know you could probably write on a postage stamp) but I do know that we don’t want jumpy creatine levels as it is some sort of indicator of kidney function. Or something. Anyway it’s the first dodgy result like that I’ve had since discharge so it will be followed up once we get back from honeymoon. I’d rather appreciate it if my kidneys fell into line and didn’t get too over excited like that again resulting in much more normal blood test results.

All in all a good day. And am clear to fly off on Saturday – eep! (never been the keenest of flyers). Will be back and posting with pics some time next week.


Anonymous said...

lucky lucky girl, off to Budapest - I hear it's beautiful. Have a fun time.

Don't worry about the dodgy results. Start right now and keep repeating "I'm so pleased with my perfect blood test result" and you'll be fine.

As always, take care.

The Life of a Paed Heart Transplant Recipient said...

I hope you have a really lovely time in Budapest - am muchly jealous.

Bev xx

Anonymous said...

Yey for lots of good results! I'm sure a good talking-to will sort out those misbehaving kidneys - maybe they just feel left out and want some attention?! ;)

Have a fabulous time in Budapest! Looking forward to seeing lots of lovely pics!

Love always xxx

Anonymous said...

Ooh - have a fab time - Budapest is on my list of places to take my hubby.
Lindy x

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your kidneys want attention Em, if you need to know anything you know where i am. i feel quite important now cos i know about kidney's!!
Have a wonderful time in Budapest and enjoy that freedom
lots of hugs

Anonymous said...

awww that's so lovely for them to send you on a honeymoon :-) Bosses can be nice afterall...weird hehe.

Great news that your lung function and everything has shot up, just tell the pesky kidneys to behave!

Lizzie xxx

Anonymous said...

Have afb honeymoon Emily you both deserve it :D

lets hope all settles down when you get back bloods creatanine etc can be tempormental with immuno meds kidenys etc. Know Rachs was up & down like yo yo for first few months especially.'Almsot expected' as such so try not to worry too much ;)

thinking of you much luv & hugz Elaine& Rach xx

Anonymous said...

Wishing you and your lovely husband a fab trip - look forward to hearing all about it.

Audrey xx

suzie said...

Hope you have a super duper time hun, can't wait to hear about all about it.


Jac said...

Hope you had a fab time - looking forward to seeing the pics!