Friday, July 13, 2007

So National Transplant Week is coming to an end. I am really thrilled with our contribution, we haven’t counted up yet but we know that we have had hits on TV, radio and in newspapers around the country - both local and national - and we have some potential magazine articles too. Every bit helps really doesn’t it. A few links to some of our stories can be found here here here here and here.

Richard and Judy on Monday was great fun. It was lovely seeing Judy again as I haven’t seen her since I was in ICU and unable to speak, sit up, or do anything really. They were really lovely and welcoming of me and mum, and we had a great time. My mother, who had been severely warned against any misbehaviour, was fairly well behaved, only letting the side down a few times. Once was throwing herself rather too enthusiastically at Richard just after she had had her lipstick done by makeup, and the other spilling red wine down herself in a fit of over-excitement in the green room. I will forgive her though as she was very good onscreen and spoke very well. She may be allowed to come again, we shall see. Nick Ferrari was lovely too, and said hi to me the next day on his show. Yay!

On Tuesday, Em and I were featured on the ITV news, Em sadly reduced to nodding capacity (although I feel that that nodding added a great deal to the interview). Oli has also been on TV this week (BBC), as has Robyn (GMTV for Transplants in Mind), and a few of our other friends. Essentially everyone has done really well and I am so proud and grateful of all our volunteers for putting themselves on the line and speaking out about their experiences. I will be contacting UKT next week to find out statistics as to the week and to see just how well everyone has done.

I also did two 6th form assemblies this week. That was an interesting one, as I haven’t really done that age group before. I felt both went well, and loads of them came up afterwards to take leaflets and ask questions, and of course to take sweets (UKT do these little blue and red sweets which are, funnily enough, rather popular). Whenever I do these talks, I always start by asking 2 questions. 1) Who here knows they are on the organ donor register and 2) who here knows at least one member of their family who is on the organ donor register. I would say less than 20% raise their hands, and interestingly it is generally the same group of people that raise there hands to both. That to me demonstrates just how important talking about it as a family is. I am doing more and more talks on the subject and really enjoying it, particularly when it develops into a discussion.

All in all a great week. Loads of people round the country have been working so hard to raise awareness, and humblingly (I may have just made that word up) of course not all of them are directly touched by transplant, they just want to do their bit. Excitingly on a personal note, I am off clubbing tonight, first time with my new lungs. Last time I went I was wearing my oxygen and carting around my big gleaming white cylinder; had a great time, but suspect this time may well be easier and somewhat lower profile...


Anonymous said...

And, perfectly for your shiney new lungs, smoke-free, too!! Hooray!htt

Sandylizz said...

Thanks for all the hard work you do for us waiting Emily.... Sounds like you and Emmie have had avery busy week!!! Thanks guys....

And I hope you have fun tonight in a lovely smaoke free environment!!!!

suzie said...

Very well done you and everyone who's contributed to raising awareness for transplant week.

Have a fab time clubbing tonight, I'll draw a pic on your wall of how I think you may look in the morning. hehe

Much love
Sue x

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Anonymous said...

Emily, I hope everyone in the UK signs up because of you.

Love, Randall

Anonymous said...

Hi ,saw you on R and J you were great and it was so good to se you looking so well and your mum made me cry just to se how happy she is to have her daughter back.You seem to be enjoying life and I am so glad for you and thanks for all the work you are doing for transplants and for cf .Transplants are something that anyone anywhere made need at anytime as no one can predict what health problems they may have tomorrow which is why eveyone should be signed up to the doner scheme what better way to leave this world than knowing you have saved lifes .Annex