Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Just a quick update as am reeeally tired, but I am home WOOHOO. A day earlier than I expected as they didn't do a biopsy (yay!)

I went in Monday eve after having a lovely meal out with A, and settled in very quickly (up on F East ward, where I had never been before as it is where the well people go, insert proudface here) and a couple of people came to visit me including one of my fave nurses and one of my transplant coordinators, so we sat and gossiped and giggled for a bit. Slept well, and was 2nd on the list this morning so was wheeled off into theatre waving merrily at anyone who would wave back. Whilst sitting in the anaesthetic room I confidently informed the anaesthetist that he would find it nigh on impossible to get me to sleep - an opinion which was proved somewhat wrong when I was out before the count of 10.

I came round fairly quickly in recovery, felt a tad sick at first but a quick dose of my fave anti-emetic soon sorted that out, and am now just left with a very sore throat and quite a groggy head (amusing seeing as I was asleep and now I just feel tired.) The doctor came round, squeezed my hand and reassured me that everything had gone fine and it all looked really good, then clearly noticed my dazed expression and said he would come back and talk to me later.

So the upshot is is that the bronch went excellently, the lungs look wonderful, there are no signs of rejection, infection, or over excited tissuescaringness. As for the wheeze....bit of a mystery really. Due to not knowing what is causing it we obviously don't know whether it will go away, but I am really not too concerned, all I needed to know is that it wasn't a sign of any greater problem.

Abby hugged me tonight, telling me that she quite enjoys me being her wheezy penguin which I thought was sweet, until she went on to say she will of course have to stick me on a shelf and ignore me as is the custom with wheezy penguins. Cheeky mare...


Anonymous said...

goodie, prayers answered once again (thanks God!). Great news Emily that all's well and that the lungs are in such fine fettle. Now that you know there is no problem the wheeze will no doubt disappear of its own accord, it usually works like that I find.

So, huge hugs and well done.

Anonymous said...

Emily, thanks for the good news, been feeling blah myself the past few days, but hopefully will get up and go to the 4th of July parade this morning.

Stay well, Love, Randall

Sandylizz said...

Good to hear it all went well Em and that there are no signs of anything going wrong.... Glad to hear you managed to get out a day early to, although sounds like you enjoyed catching up witha few people while you were in... ;)
I hope the weezy penguin syndrome doesnt last to much longer... xx

Scuba Sam said...

Glad you okay Emily :-) Wheezy penguins are the best kind xx

Anonymous said...

Glad everything went well. I rarely get as far as 7 :D


It's Her said...

Glad to hear the good news. Thanks for the comment last week too..I'm useless at getting back to people ;)

Could it be possible that the new lungs have some sort of Asthma or allergies in them?? Although I'm no doctor, and you should probably listen to YOUR doc, but just a thought!!

Keep well, Ro xx

Anonymous said...

So glad all looks good in there!
Hopefully will stop you worrying too much now. No more excuses now get on with the training!
Much love

Anonymous said...

Glad alls hunkeydorey at mo :D
Take care and hugz Elaine & Rach xx

Anonymous said...

Chanced upon your blog... you're an amazing person to go through all that. Hopefully you'll pull it all through!


Fi said...

Glad to hear your OK Em. Keep on wheezing, its probably quite endearing and ceratinly unique to you.

Jac said...

Hey Pingu,

Squeak Squeak, wheeeeeeze, Squeak.


Anonymous said...

excellent news that your new breathers are looking happy. woohoo!