Monday, April 16, 2007

Sidestepping my story again...It is exactly one month since I was discharged from Harefield and looking back at my recovery so far it is clear how far I have already come. Each day I have found myself growing increasingly stronger; my shakes – which started out so strong I couldn’t hold a cup of tea without spilling it - have almost faded to nothing. I no longer need to push myself up from a chair with my hands, as my legs are now strong enough. I find myself grinning inanely sporadically throughout the day, for example after going through a door and automatically reaching for the tubing which gets caught under the door which of course is no longer there. Every day there are a thousand little moments where I stop and think “I can’t believe I am doing this, I can’t believe I got my transplant” and have to pinch myself to believe it is all real. Some highlights and landmark moments are as follows:

Cooking a meal for myself for the first time since the op

Bending down to pick stuff up off the floor/do my shoes up (the latter being the more common phenomenon) and not getting breathless.

Visiting several friends’ houses I haven’t been able to go to for ages because they live upstairs.

Walking round my garden (my tubing didn’t previously stretch far enough)

Having a bath without becoming breathless and exhausted

Being able to dry myself without above consequences

Being dropped off by A and getting out the car myself and walking to my destination, no assistance required.

Going shopping on foot, not in my wheelchair, and being able to see over the clothes rails for the first time in years.

Going to the hairdressers instead of her having to come to my house.

Eating a huge meal, feeling really full…but still being able to breathe.

Going and going until I become tired, then resting and my energy comes back, as opposed to entering a vicious cycle where breathing becomes increasingly impossible.

Driving in the sunshine, singing along to the radio.

And of course walking out of the front door, with just my keys in my hand, and striding down the road.

Today we celebrated my first month of freedom by doing a Thackray girls trip to the seaside. It was the most beautiful day, spent with ladies (I can’t call my baby sisters girls anymore really!) who have been there constantly for me, but usually having to care for and help me, unlike today when we were just relaxing in each others company.

I ran for the first time today, rather resembled a young animal unsteady on its new legs I think but it felt great. I ran straight into the sea and got my impractical long white skirt soaking wet. Brilliant.

Lucy in the middle auditioning for Fame or similar…my attempt at leaping gracefully not quite as successful.


Anonymous said...

what awesomly happy photos. You truly are a winner Emily. Keep on going, kid.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, loving that Fame audition! And the new hair - fabulous, of course! :)
Glad to hear you had such a fun day, making the most of the lovely weather. I can't believe it's been a month already, what a crazy time for you, so many achievments and so many more to come, I'm sure!
Love xxx

Rebecca said...

Awwww, what a WONDERFUL post to read!!!!!!!!! :o)

So many lovely lovely things for you to experience, and for us to experience through your eyes as your readers!

Very very glad to hear you had such a fabulous day with your sisters.

Big happy hugs!!!

Becky, Seren & Dylan xxx

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to see you all enjoying a day together as sisters should!! It is great to hear your stories of post op. but even greater still to see these photos and to hear how you are enjoying the "normal" things in life that most of us take for granted. Take care, love Diane T. xxxx

Anonymous said...

So great to see you able to post about lots of happy events. It reminds us all, whenever things are gloomy, that the best things in life are the ones we take for granted.

Keep on enjoying the new life.

Jax & Bill H xxx

Anonymous said...

Darling Em, I am happy sobbing at your wonderful pics, you know why.
Here's to many more of the same over the coming months.
God I wish I wasn't so emotional.
Go Em, grab every moment and cherish it.
Luv Maggie xxx

misdee said...


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, they made me well up

Lorraine said...

After a truly horrible day those picture have put a smile on my face between the tears. So wonderful to see you so happy, looking so health and enjoying yourself - as a young woman your age should be. xx

Sarah Milne said...

Em, you look great!!! You all do. What lovely, happy photos.
lots of love
Sarah x x x

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic Emily! Can't wait to show Lucy the photos in the morning because she was asking after you today.

Love to all - can't wait to meet up!

Bev xx

Emmie said...

Oh Em you look incredible!!! Please take lots of pictures over the coming weeks, it means so much to see the incredible difference in you. And soon I will be able to see it for myself WAAHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!
The last time you and I were at the seaside I remember you had to be carried back up the beach by A to your wheelchair. What a difference!!!
This transplant week, we have to get your story out there through every possible channel. And we will :o)
MWAH xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

You look so well and are clearly enjoying life. Long may it continue. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily, you just can't imagine how happy your latest blog has made me. And the hair looks great, by the way!! You have made enormous progress, I didn't realise you could already do so many "normal" things without effort. Isn't it wonderful? I do hope your God-sent donor family have a chance to read your blog; it could help them so much to see the results of their fantastic gift.

So, enjoy the sunshine, good food, fun and laughs and keep on improving.
Hugs, Janet

Anonymous said...

Emily, thanks for the blog and the pictures, you look great. Keep getting better.

Love, Randall

Anonymous said...

Don't you look terrific! All of you! Things will just get better and better from now on Emily! (I feel like a bit of an expert now!)

Keep up the good work!


inga cheale said...

wow emily you look fantastic and i love your new hair duo,you and your sister looked like you had lots of fun.will look forward to seeing more photos of the pinkness xx take care sending hugs and kisses and sloppy ones from daisy and murphy xx
inga and family xxx

Jayne said...

Lovely pics Emily. You look great.


JH said...

I AM SO happy for you that you are up and about and being able to do what you want. I can remember many years ago we were all at Paul snowsills house and , Lucy, you, Abbi, and ed were singing and dancing. That was so good. Hopw we can see you all again soon.

Jennie Higgins and co.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely way to start my morning reading of how well you are Emily.Your joy at being able to do so many "normal" activities is wonderful and I will not complain about anything in my life today because of it but just be thankful I'm well today.
Love Annex

decorexia said...
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decorexia said...
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Anonymous said...

The most heartwarming read in ages! Go you! You and your new hair look great. Much love, x

Nicola said...

That post has made me smile somewhat like the Cheshire Cat.I'm so glad that you are starting to do the things which you have been dreaming of for the longest time.

You make me very,very proud lovely lady.



Anonymous said...

Wow Emily, your amazing. I'm so glad your doing so, so well. Your blog is fabulous thank goodness for the internet! keep up the good work with your health :-) take lots and lots of pics over the up coming months, love to follow the amazing progress your making! Sam xx

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said... about 'feelgood' factor! Thank you for such a wonderful post!

Unknown said...

So so happy for you.

Everyone of the things on your list where so familiar and I know just how precious being able to do them must be.

Also read it with tears streaming down my face, but wish to thank you so much for sharing your joy.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Em, You look wonderful & I'm so pleased you had such a lovely time with your sisters!


Love & big hugs,
Andy xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Stop pinching yourself - IT'S REAL!!!

Photo's are fantastic, you look so well and happy.

Smiling at your post, Emily. It's such a joy to read :-)

Audrey xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this has come up 20 times - i seem unable to sign in today. Anyway i'm so happy to see this post. Shows just how far you've come. They may have been slight welling on my side here.
Lizzie xxxx

Anonymous said...

What terrific pics!!! You are a star Em. I hope you had a great day at the seaside if the pics are anything to go by you certainly did. X

loads of love and support,

Karen & Family. XX