Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just a very brief post...

In reference to my previous post:

Edit and disclaimer one: Contrary to what it may appear, my wonderful mother accompanied us on said beach trip and made the occasion what it was. This announcement was made due to my own guilt and not at all because she has hounded me constantly with a sulky face at being left out.

Edit and disclaimer two: To any of Abby's teachers who apparently read this(!) I kidnapped her and forced her at gunpoint to accompany us. And no I won't do it again.

All authors notes out of the way, more exciting news, I have taken a big breath (yay that statement is no longer ironic!) and signed up to do the Hydro Active women's 5k in september. Last year I took part but was pushed round in Denzel for the majority of it (slideshow of the whole thing on my myspace page). I was given day release from the hospital where I was spending time recouping after a series of collapsed lungs and we raised over £15 000 as the Emily's Angels team.

So am muchly excited at the prospect of walking over both the start and the finish line! I am being sensible about it and asked my team first, who said I should be able to manage it by then although I may need to take breaks along the way. It will take a huge amount of training but hey that's what challenges are for!


It's Her said...

You can do it, put your back into it! ;)

It's great to be making plans such as that of the 5k walk. I only did something [as crazy] similar on Friday. It gives you a fantastic aim, and I'm sure you'll find once your muscles and tolerance for exercise (is there such a thing?)build up, your training will come so easy to you.

Keep well, lotsa love, rosie xxx

Anonymous said...

Thats great Emily. I'm sure you'll do it. I'm coming up to London this weekend to support my friend who is running the London Marathon for CF.


Josette (Malta)

Anonymous said...

Go Emily,

You are an inspiration to me and others. How do we go about sponsoring?


Anonymous said...

Yey! :D

Lorraine said...

I knew you'd do it again - always did! We've been planning to return as part of your team for months now and we'll be there again trying to keep up with you once more inbetween nattering, but this time you'll be on foot and not having someone pushing you at a fast rate of knot's! Take it steady and you'll have no problem walking all the way - that last hills a bit tricky though! xx

Anonymous said...

Emily, good luck on getting your strenght back. Did you see the CF event on Alice's page??? Are you doing that too???

Love, Randall

Anonymous said...

Go Girl yeyyyyyyyyyyy Emily & all.
Take care glad to see you enjoying life... :D

hugz Elaine Rach & family xxx

Anonymous said...

lovely to see you blogging on an almost daily basis, Emily, and to hear about your punishing plans for later in the year. The sky's the limit now as far as achieving what you want; just take care not to overtax

lovely to see you are back blogging on a regular basis, Emily, and to hear about your punishing schedule for later in the year. The sky's the limit now as regards what you can achieve; just don't wear yourself out before you are fully recovered.
Keep on enjoying the good weather, it will help to build up your strength.
have fun,

Anonymous said...

sorry, made a mess of my previous message.

Anonymous said...

I'll keep you company on the breaks if necessary - my usual walking is limited to tesco at lunchtime (quarter of a mile round trip).

Can't wait to see you do the walk, Emily! Go easy on the high hels though, you don't want to twist your ankle :-)

Audrey xx

Jac said...

Loved the photos from the beach - you all looked fab and very glam with the diva sunglasses!

The 5k walk sounds like a great idea, and would be something you can work towards and will help keep up the motivation of getting as fit as your new lungs :-)

Love and higs
Jac xx

Anonymous said...

Ok you, will you stop making me cry....those photos of you are amazing and you all look on cloud nine (guessed that Ma of yours would'nt be far away!!)

A gathering of angels are forming at 'the little group'. Can't wait to be behind you (literally) again!Dust off those trainers Em....see you very soon,
masses of love Nickyxx

Anonymous said...

Keep up everything your doing and necer gve up. Your an inspiration to everyone and I thjink you have done so well. Keep smiling and KEEP GETTING BETTER!

love Jennie Higgins xxxxxxx