Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I am starting off the new year with a new project: T shirts. Well actually I tell a lie, it is not a new project, it's been in the pipeline for a very long time, but we are far closer than we have been to actually making this a reality now so it's all very exciting!

As I have the memory of a goldfish and cant remember if I have already described them, I shall do so anyway: They are organ donor awareness T shirts, designed with two things in mind, 1) To break the social taboo of talking about organ donation and 2) To have a positive statement, i.e I (the wearer) support organ donation, not a nagging you should support organ donation instruction.

So. The final slogan is as follows: "I'd give you one..." With an organ donation symbol underneath. Things really started moving forwards as of yesterday so now I am trying mightily hard to focus on things such as funding, expenses and distribution, as opposed to colourschemes, celebrities and matching accessories, all of which my natural girly instincts home in on. I am working with a wonderful pink lady on this, who is fab, but has similar girly tendancies so we need to be reminded every now and then by business minded folk of more boring and sensible matters to attend to (and I hate to say this but they do tend to be male). In any case, things are moving forward and I am very excited about the whole campaign, pictures and more details to follow soon so watch this space!

This morning I received a letter from Harefield explaining a new type of organ donor, called non heartbeating donors. Basically it allows people who do not fulfill the normal requirement of brainstem death to donate but have suffered a major fatal injury, and everyones wishes is for that person to be a donor after their death.

It is a relatively new proceedure by the looks of things, which makes me slightly nervous, although with donor rates as low as they are at present, I am not surprised they are investigating this option so quickly. I have been waiting 10 months now, with not even a false alarm, and am all too aware of how many people run out of time. It is always so hard to think about it from the donor perspective, but I try to remember that that person and their family are chosing to make the most amazing gift, and their dreadful tragedy came prior to that decision of donating their organs. Someone somewhere is going to make that decision and save my life, I am sure of it.


Mark said...

Love the t-shirt idea.....Let me know how it goes....I would but pink too! xxxx

Kiera said...

Put me down for a couple too. Especially like the cheeky slogan.