Friday, June 26, 2009

I have a sneaking suspicion that whatever my apologies and promises, this blog may well remain fairly rushed and infrequently updated until the end of term. Luckily (for me) the end of term is now less than a month away - woohoo!

Am v much looking forward to pausing for breath, although the reason it's been so hectic is only due to success so can only be a good thing!

There has also been another somewhat stressful (but exciting) thing going on however I don't want to blog about that just yet...

Oh and the big kids have not eaten me for breakfast (although one class has certainly tried to) and I'm mostly enjoying the challenge and learning a hell of a lot as I go.

One last thing (continuing in this crazy disjointed manner with far too many brackets) - Please please please could you check out and write to your local cinema. It would be fantastic if we could get loads of cinemas around the UK displaying Organ Donor awareness materials and you can help!

Stay smiley all!


Kiz said...

Ello my love, hope ur doing well :-)

I know ya said ud love to pause for a breath, but dont you feel SOO pleased that ur actually able to do that? Physically stop, take a nice deep breath and fill ur lungs, and know thats enough to keep you going a bit longer? Better than the old days im sure :-D

Ur going to see Take That with Hols this week arent you? Have fun if you are !! Im sure you girls will giggle and scream all night :-D

Unknown said...

Will do! I heard that's a great movie. Mandi wants to go see it ASAP.