Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I heard this story on a factual, newsworthy programme* and I wanted to put it up here. Time and time again there are posts on the message boards I belong to about people crumbling and struggling, who see it as a sign of weakness that they need to reach out (yes I am aware of the slight pot, kettle, black situation here) so here is the little story; as a reminder to me, as a reminder to anyone else who ever struggles as to what exactly strength is. I know it's a little cheesy, but I just like the sentiment.

A little boy and his mother are out walking. The little boy spots a rock, points at it and asks his mum if she thinks he can lift it. "If you use all your strength then yes you can" his mum replies, so the little boy runs straight to the rock and grasps it firmly. He strains and struggles, and tries several times to lift it, but to no avail. He tells his mum he cannot lift it, but she replies again that he can, and then walks over to him where she also grasps the rock and together they lift it up. The mother explains to her son that using all your strength means enlisting the help of other people, of those around you who want to be there for you and support you.

So next time you are struggling....use all your strength.

*or it was on a cheesy American soap but I don't think that detracts from the point of it being rather good.


Mad Asthmatic said...

Thank you Emily, this post was really pertinent to me. I have just learnt to accept help from others.

Mad Asthmatic

suzie said...

I liked that one, I'll use it a few times this coming year I'm sure.

Cheers chuck.

Jayne said...

If I struggle, then I like to drink red wine and I tell people it is ribena. Sometimes I do it the other way round to add to the confusion.

Hope you aren't lifting too many rocks on your own.

BreathinSteven said...

Hey Emily...

I loved your little post about using all your strength... I hope it's OK -- I borrowed it for my Revive Hope post today... I credited you of course!!! My post is here...

I used the video Emmie posted as well -- it's a beautiful video!