Tuesday, September 02, 2008

As always, thank you so much for your lovely responses and emails. That’s one of the things I love about this blog, I can quietly be reassured that I’m not completely nuts and then carry on day to day stuff as normal. Anyway who needs a map when life’s an adventure? I’ll take the surprises thank you very much; it’s not done me any harm so far.

It’s been a very busy but lovely time since I last wrote; middling sister turned 21 and we had a fantastic weekend of family, friends and laughter. I absolutely love family time; I’m very lucky in the fact that quite a lot of my family live nearby, and it’s always so wonderful to spend happy time with them after all the ups and downs they’ve been through with me.

On Saturday we had a LLTGL meeting which was very exciting indeed. Being a real grown up charity and everything, we now need a formal business plan to demonstrate how we will be moving forward over the coming months and years. It reminded me how incredibly lucky I am to be involved in LLTGL, as I learn so much from it, get to exercise my passions, and it’s all for a good cause! Perfect! Following the meeting, I was kindly fed and watered by Oli and his lovely K. We killed some time on the Wii (I am rubbish) and as we howled with laughter at my darts “skill” I realised how incredibly lucky we both were to be standing there; if it wasn’t for organ donation, neither of us would be here anymore.

Tomorrow we are off to the Department of Health which is yet another incredibly exciting event for LLTGL. Incidentally, did any of you who entered the Great British Duck Race win? Numbers are up here now...my duck was clearly too busy admiring its own reflection or something. Nevermind.

Oh and one last plug; on Sunday I am, er runwalking the Adidas 5k (formally and more favourably known as the Hydro Active). I have dug out my bright pink fairy dress and am dusting off my pink trainers. Even if it’s tipping it down (like it is today) I’m there with glitter on. So please please take a minute to sponsor us to help see off CF. Thank you muchly.


suzie said...

Nah my ducks did not appear in the list of winners, lazy sods.

Good to see you're muddling through without a map, much more exciting that way hun.


Anonymous said...

You are so inspirational emily.
Glad LLTGL is growing all the time.

good luck at the DoH

And hope to see lots of sparkly photos of Saturday!

Andy x

Anonymous said...

Emily, good luck w/ your run/walk. I need to get in shape for my Brain Tumor 5k walk the beginning of Nov, I'm terribly out of shape.

Love, Randall

Holly said...

Good luck with the 5k walk/run/jog/skip! Hope it goes well! xxx

Jac said...

Good luck with the race :-) I have inadvertently sponsored you twice haha. and I was more generous the 2nd time round - must have been in a better mood!
Jac xx