Monday, April 28, 2008

First of all, fantastical (a word? it is now...) news:

My friend Jac got her transplant on Friday! A very modest and quiet lady, Jac has been an absolute source of strength for me for years, talking me through my most insane moments in her calm and rational manner. Am totally and utterly delighted for her and her family. If you haven't read her blog before I do recommend you go and give it a read.

This weekend A and I went "oop North" to Derbyshire, to visit my Grandad. He is now a grand 92 years old and rather fantastic. Derbyshire is a gorgeous place, one that holds many fond memories from childhood. It's amusing how rose-tinted your memories get, as I am sure I would complain bitterly at being dragged out on walks along the Edges, however now I look back on these walks with an adult (well fairly) eye and see them for the beautiful pleasures they are.

Emmie stumbled upon a rather ingenious idea for raising funds for LLTGL, that is the Great British Duck Race. If you hadn't heard of this before don't worry, neither had I, but it sounds like a rather awesome day and even more excitingly we have entered Live Life as one of the sponsorable (more made up words) charities, so by clicking here you can not only adopt a duck to take part in this race, but raise funds for LLTGL whilst doing so. Woohoo!

A final random note: to the nice man who when the heavens opened as the commuters got off of the train this evening, paused to allow me to hide under his umbrella from the torrents which had already soaked me, thank you; my inappropriate shoes are remarkably dry and unbattered considering. To the other five people holding umbrellas that had already walked past however...I toss my damp hair in your general direction.


Anonymous said...

Hehehe! That final note made me laugh! What a nice man!

Woo! Fantastic - indeed, fantastical - news about Jac! Here's to a speedy recovery! :) xxx

suzie said...

Hiya Em,

Just popping by to say a quick hello, aint there some nice people in this world eh!! They make up for all them meanies who would happily let you drown.

I'll be having a duck just as soon as I sit long enough to do it.

Hope alls good with you hunni, sending a great big (((HUG)))