Friday, February 01, 2008

I have had the most exciting couple of days ever. A friend managed to secure me some work experience with a rather good PR company in London and amazingly they said they’d love to have me come and give it a go!

Everyone there is so lovely, they’ve all been extremely welcoming and eager to show me how things work, what to do etc. It is absolutely shattering and I am crawling home by the time I leave but I’m loving every second and soaking up anything and everything they’ll throw at me like a thirsty sponge.

Very short entry tonight (self explanatory from above) but I do need to tell everyone that I may or may not have taken my mobile for a swim in the bath this evening. Consequently when I switch it on it merely flashes brightly at me, whining whilst doing so. So that is why I am ignoring calls/texts – I will also have lost all my numbers (most were on the phone memory) so please drop me an email with yours if I should have it.

In fact I have had a disastrous evening, where I have also left a pan on the hob till I realised the room was getting rather hazy and rescued a smoking blackened mess (first ever time I’ve done that believe it or not) and dropped a jar of honey on a wine glass smashing both.

I think that it’s fair to blame all this on A as he is away for work and clearly I am not old/responsible enough to be left to my own devices.

Oh and I should be in the Times tomorrow. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Anonymous said...

Aren't completely disastrous days fun?! Ahhhh, well. Sometimes what I do is just stay up to 12:01am (which usually is way before I go to bed anyway), and breathe a sigh of relief that the day is over and a new one with a clean slate is technically upon us.

But please divulge, are you just going to be in print, or will it be on the Times website as well?

Anonymous said...

What a perfectly 'normal' blog - tis lovely to hear you chat about everyday nonsense.
Lindy xxxx

misdee said...

Lovely post em. just seen your times article, you look great :)

Holly said...

Great post as usual, have just seen your article, u look fab! x

suzie said...

Oooooow!! how exciting is it embarking on something new, glad you're enjoying the new challenge, shame about the phone and honey and glass and pan but sod it I say.

Good article and good luck chuck.

Anonymous said...

I saw the article today and you looked and sounded fab - well done!


Anonymous said...

way to go Emily........great to see you enjoying life (with the possible exceptions of your kitchen disasters)