Friday, December 08, 2006

Just a small update to reassure everyone that I am fine – this is being posted by Emmie due to the hospital network being extremely mean and barring me from pretty much everything including my own blog. I am not impressed. I can sporadically access my email (most frequently working one is webmaster (at) one) however and also this link which a friend sent me and is keeping me sane (in particular hurtling Santa across an icy abyss is most therapeutic). It is strangely nice to see everyone again - all the staff who I got to know fairly well over the summer - especially as they all keep commenting on how well I look compared to last time! When I left in October we thought I may only manage a week or two at home, but instead managed to remain an outpatient for 2 months which is rather good going really.

I went on a daytrip over to the other building this morning for an echo of my heart, as they are still trying to work out what is causing the dizziness which makes me feel like a small drunk pink firefly. It was nice to get a breath of fresh air (well as fresh as London air can be) and all went very smoothly. I lay on the bed with the lady rolling what to me looked like a children’s microphone you get on karaoke machines on my chest, (something to do with ultrasound) and attached a little suction cup which apparently amplified my heart sounds, and reminded me of that strange health craze I have read celebrities and people go for. I tried to peer at the screen over my shoulder with a look of intensity and understanding, despite only being able to make out what appeared to be grayish black blobs and movements reminiscent of pond life. There was one angle though which was incredibly clear, I could see my heart valves moving and everything, which I found fascinating and quite hypnotic.

During this little excursion I also got “recognized” – a very rare occurrence but on the times it has happened it is rather fun. The lady asked if I was Emily and then congratulated me on the Hydro active 5k which I took part in back in September. This was I think due to me featuring in this months issue of the staff magazine at the hospital, with a photo of me on the front cover, arms in the air triumphant having crossed the finish line. Amusingly the rather misleading caption underneath infers that I walked the entire distance, rather than just the final 500 metres. Whilst that would have been a feat indeed, I think both me and my team would have asked for a review as to whether a transplant is really all that necessary.


livvy said...

Lack of 100% internet access is totally frustrating. I hope you won't be in for too long - keep feet up - rest - behave and you'll be home for crimbo with your family. Can't possible contemplate imagining you in there on Christmas Day - I'd come and kidnap you myself if you were! Much love, xxx

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you Em - and I'm glad I'm not the only one who nods sagely at incomprehensible scans!

I once showed concern over a massive 'cloud' that was apparent on an xray of Holly's chest, only to be told "Yes, Mrs Elwood - that's her heart!"

Much love x

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your doing ok Emily.. How exciting to be recognized! A true celeb! Hope you pick up and are out soon

xx Sandy xx

Anonymous said...

Santa hurtling is indeed fun - as is the retro space invader game :D

I think your dizziness may be attributed, at least in part, to withdrawal symptoms from the lack of t'internet ;-)

Hope you will soon be home again, and back online.

Keep up the muchly restingness :D

~ James

Anonymous said...

Hey you
Sorry to hear your stuck in club med and no internet access...BAH HUMBUG!
I chuckled whilst reading the part where you have to repeat your medical history over and over and...LOL...we know a song about that boys 'n' girls now don't we ;0)
Hope you're liungs stop being so grouchy and you escape home soon....(((HUGS)))
Cat x

Jayne said...

I hope you get out of there soon. Plus, it is your fault that Adam and myself have been stuck to the PC chucking snowballs at Simpsons characters. He loves the advent thing.

Take care

Jayne xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily, just mailed you! oops didn't know you werent online in there. Hope you are home for Christmas hon. I don't think they'd keep you though. Ive only done it once and they let me have a big christmas tree in my room!

'Keep smilling'

Love Sweetpea x

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,
Sorry to hear you're back in the Brompton. At least it will make sure you rest and then you can be home and really enjoy Christmas. Great to be recognised and remember your aim next year is to RUN all of the Hydro challenge with your new lungs breathing nicely for you!
Love to you and all the family.

Anonymous said...

Dude dizziness and feeling drunk without the expense, dont knock it! :)
Hope you will be home soon you promised me that adam would cook us dinner and then we would throw him out for gossip remember, lol!
See you soon

Emy H xxxx

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back in touch Emily. Hope you are getting a much needed rest in there. If they don't find a cause for your dizziness, could it be anxiety? Let's face it, you are going through such a lot at the moment. I find the Bach flower Rescue is great in time of need.....just a suggestion. Take good care of yourself; you need to be in top form for Christmas.
Much love as ever, J.

Simba said...

Two months out totally kicks arse. YOWZA!

Enjoy your rest. xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Em

Thinking of you love; hugs from all of us:

Clare, Mark, Jordan, Jessica & Alex xxxx