Friday, November 19, 2010

Wheezy Penguin saga: the sequel.

I was a tad premature at celebrating my release from hospital, as that weekend, due to raised temps, a drop in lung function and a lot of chest pain, I was re-admitted for IVs to treat a suspected chest infection. The infection was probably all related to the closed airway business, but it was important to get on top of it asap so it didn't cause any trouble.

Clearly my body felt like I wasn't getting enough attention as it proceded to be the week of completely random and unnecessarily silly blood results. First my kidney function danced about in a naughty manner, but quickly returned to my usual "misbehaving but only enough to be kept on the naughty step" level. Then my potasium result came back sky high, causing everyone to move quite quickly to get me attached to a heart monitor (my mother did suggest that this may have been nothing to do with potassium, but simply to confine me to my room and stop me from causing trouble - how rude). They began to return to normal, I was de-wired, and then my ciclosporin level (immunos) jumped up so high I wasn't allowed to take any for 24 hours. That was hugely unsettling as you have it drummed into you as a transplant patient that you must never ever miss a dose. It's settled a bit now, but I'm on a much lower dose than I was on when I went in, still not sure why.

I had my 2nd bronch on Tuesday where they did the dialitation thing (look at me using a real medical word) which sadly I believe was done using a balloon for the stretchification - no pixies involved. They also froze (?) the airway to stop it re-closing. Dr C says I will need another bronch next month and may need the procedure repeated. I felt fine when waking up, other than the fact they'd hit my tonsils and they were now so grossly enlarged that they looked like comedy ACME tonsils. Had a bit of trouble talking and swallowing for a few days but they're going down now.

I was discharged on Wednesday (woohoo!) and IVs are due to come to an end on Monday, when I'll go back to clinic to hopefully hear that my lung function is back up and all shiny and nice again. Fingers crossed that that's the end of the Wheezy Penguin dramas so I can get back into the swing of normal life! I'll be referred for the fundoplication operation asap and by the sounds of things that will take place in January.

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Miss Write said...

'Comedy tonsils'... SO a nickname in the making ;)

Anonymous said...

Make the most of the chance to rest but hurry up and stop wheezing + get well soon. Remember you used to talk to your old lungs? Have you tried that? Tell them who's boss!
Much Love
Julia + family