Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We went to a gorgeous little place on the coast in Greece; a little bit of paradise that my family and I discovered way back in 1993, and due to falling in love with it went back a further 6 times. On that last visit, I knew it would quite possibly be the last ever one for me. I loved it as much as I always had done but merely being in the heat was exhausting, let alone walking along the beach or up the small rocky steps to our apartment.

As I mentioned in a previous post, this was the place which I went back to in my mind when things were at their most tough. Whenever I was undergoing procedures or trying to keep myself calm, I’d picture myself, eyes closed, lying on the white sand listening to the waves with the Greek sun beating down and warming every inch of me. Needless to say I was rather excited about returning, plus this time A was coming so he’d get to see what all the fuss was about.

The holiday was fantastic; 2 weeks of heat, sunshine, good food and lovely people. I couldn’t believe how different it was for me, and the lack of effort (compared to last time) it would take to do things still surprised me, even though I knew me and my old lungs had had to work very hard to keep up.

I got a bit of swimming confidence back too which was lovely. When the turquoise Mediterranean stretches before you, cool and inviting, it’s much easier to overcome the fears developed over years of tiring quickly and suddenly, and by the end of the holiday I was swimming right out to the buoys that marked the end of the bay and back again. I walked to the cliff edge one evening and stood and watched the evening sun dance and sparkle on the sea, before throwing some flowers in for my donor, and watching them drift out slowly and disappear into the glittering waves.

It’s strange being back home; that feeling of “was I really there?” (which I’m sure hits all holiday makers when they return to normality) has hit home and I am now trying to catch up on real life where I left off. I had the most amazing two weeks and really cannot believe my luck that I was able to return to such a gorgeous place that is filled with so many memories from over the years.

Busy (but exciting) week ahead, so more to come soon, but for now here are some more pics which whilst they don’t do it justice, demonstrate slightly just why I love our little Greek paradise so much.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a lovely holiday Emily. You totally deserved it!
Andy xx

Lorraine said...

Glad you had a fantabulous time with your hubby and lovely family. Muchly deserved and well over due. Looked like a lovely place. Must say also that you look so very well and am so happy for you.
Much love, xxx

lulu said...

So much for me hitting the sack...he he! So glad you had a wonderful chillaxed time with your new lungs!! It has inspired me and makes me think that one day too I can have a taste of escapism in the sun!! Can't wait to ketchup tomorrow xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for two whole weeks of Greek salad and slouvaki. It looks so beautiful, I am tempted to do a Shirley Valentine ......

And definitely a well deserved treat for you!

Audrey xx

Alice Vogt said...

Awwww, that sounds fabulous!!! I also have a plae like that, and visited it earlier on this year, and felt the same as you did. I used to think that either a) I'm never going to see it again, or b) I'll be able to breathe next time Im there... thank God the last one came true!!!!

Anonymous said...

Emily, welcome home, glad you had a great time.

Love, Randall

suzie said...

Brill to hear you had a great time Em and good to see you back hunni.

I didnt like the look of the octopus salad though, tell me you were joking and it was really mushrooms or something.

Loadsa love.

lowlander said...
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Gilly said...

Ahhh! you look so lovely and tanned and relaxed and happy. I am glad that you had such a lovely time. It is a beautiful place, you may have to let me in on your little secret??

I remember sunning myself in Greece and the shouv...shov.... sword fish.....back to work now though Em.... I love going through things that I have taken on holiday with me when its a distant memory and finding sand in my turn ups or holiday shoes etc.

Much love Gilly and Gracie xxxx

Much love Gilly xx

Gilly said...

hmmm! perhaps I need another holiday?? I seemed to have sent my love twice?

Oh well, you deserve it haha! xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely piccies and glad you had a good holiday take care best wishes Elaine & Rach xx