Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I am the most smiley lucky girl in the world. Today was a fabulous day, here are some of the highlights:

I had a bath. No oxygen mask whacked up to 8 litres, no panting as my body attempts to get used to the hot water, no gasping as I had my hair washed, just a hot bubbly relaxing bath.

I did some washing up instead of lying on the sofa whist A made breakfast.

Whilst at my parents I went upstairs to chat to my dad instead of him having to come down to me.

I made my mum a cup of tea when she got in from work.

It's funny how it's the little things which are quickly becoming the most treasured, today I finally started to realise that actually, this is my new life now, by doing something like having a bath I wont then be laid up for the rest of the day my lungs screaming in fury. I went shopping today too (big yay) although after a fairly substantial walking attempt did give up and use the wheelchair as my legs are still pretty rubbery and there was muchly purchasing to be done. We stayed in town for four hours and lunched out, so wonderful not to have the constant constraint of Oxygen cylinders running out forcing me to return home after two hours.

I had my first outpatients appointment yesterday (didn't even take my wheelchair, what a feeling) and got a glowing report, everything was heading in the right direction and the doctor was really pleased. I am still in the very early days so I know that further complications are likely, but I am just focusing on this wonderful feeling of just being alive and able to breathe which I am lucky enough to have right now. Can I at this point say a huge thank you to everyone who donated money to the fund that Emmie so kindly set up for me, I am a bit overwhelmed by the generosity and promise I will update with what it enables me to do.

My birthday on Sunday was wonderful, surrounded by my family and friends who haven't seen me tubeless for 2 years. It was exhausting but fantastic, the best part: blowing out the candles on my cake.

ps - Hotmail kindly terminated both my email accounts whilst I was playing around with ventilators and the like, so I won't have received any mail sent in the last few months. I have now reopened both but of course lost all my addresses so please get back in touch everyone!


Anonymous said...

I am so so happy for you. I have been following this blog since you went in for your transplant and although I don't know you, you are an inspiration. May you continue to enjoy your shiny new lungs for a very long time.

lil fairy said...

YAY!! Sounds like you are making fab use of those new puffers miss emily. So glad to hear you are doing well! Huge Hurrays for a bath without any oxygen! Sending lots of love poppet

suzie said...

Much nodding and grinning going on here reading this post Em, I'm still in awe of the new life Chris has, there really is no end to what he can do now. Great to hear the team are pleased with the progress, maybe daily retail therapy would be the one to go for to get the legs stronger eh!!

Take care chuck
Sue xxx

Lorraine said...

Lovely to hear of you doing all the things you longed to do before the transplant. Keep taking it easy - we know that's hard for you though! Take care. Much love xx

Anonymous said...

Yay!! A great read Em, I'm so so happy for you! :-D

Feel free to call on me if you want to pick my brains for my post Tx experience, I'll do my best to give wise advice... well as wise as I can muster hee hee! ;-)

Love & muchly big hugs
Andy xxxx

Fi said...

Welcome back wee one :) What more can I say?

Anonymous said...

Great news Emily!
I am so chuffed for you...this is just the beginning sweetie...Aaron will be 7yrs post tx soon and a life without having it dictated by hospital, pumps,tubes etc...is simply... FREEDOM!
Cat x

Anonymous said...

such a lovely post to read em :) you're so right, it IS the little things, the everyday things, that can actually make your day. had a big smile on my face as i read this- you may indeed be the most smiley lucky girl, and you deserve to be!!

Anonymous said...

welcome back !


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! So good to hear you're doing so well and enjoying your new life! :D You deserve it!
Lots of love xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow, isn't this the best news!! The joy of simple things like a bubble bath, so much we take for granted. It is not likely there will still be complications, it is most UNLIKELY; your new great health is here to stay so enjoy every minute.

This has made me so very happy and I don't even know you Emily. Just continue to make this fantastic progress and have fun.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,
james here who is still waiting for my new lungs and sat here with my oxygen lol, oh well i'll get there soon i hope, really pleased your doing well now, strange isn't it how we take the simpler things for granted. take care and keep doing well.

Anonymous said...

Emily, glad you had a wonderful birthday and are beginning to live a 'normal' life again. Keep getting better slowly but surely.

Love, Randall

Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a lovely birthday - i have loved reading the blogs about your recovery and passing on news to my kids and others. Say hi to your mum from me.
Lindy Williamson

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

So glad you rae enjoying those new lungs Em... I can understand how the little things that you can do now you enjoy doing... It must be fantastic not to have any tubes and oxygen to worry about....
Fair play on your shopping trip 4 hours.. Did you buy any more pretty shoes.. Dont forget now you will have to practice walking in them to....
xx Sandy xx

Anonymous said...

Well I think that deserves a super big YAY! Glad to hear your making good use already of those pink and sparkly breathers! Heres to many more shopping trips and bubble baths with no oxygen!

Rachy xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,
So glad to hear you are able to do so much now.A will be glad you can help with the housework I bet and it will all be a novelty for you for a while. Tell him to make the most of it!!
Fantastic to be able to go out without oxygen or wheelchair you must feel like you've forgotten something!
Perhaps we can meet for lunch one day soon?
Love Julia

Anonymous said...

Poor Denzel and Claire. There getting left out for once.

Am just so pleased you got those new lungs huni.

We know you'll never change, but also, don't stop naming things, it's always made your posts seem lighter whenever machines and wheelchairs have been mentioned in old blogs:P

I really hope that this is the last of the uphill struggle huni, and that you can soon jump on the back on Denzel and have a nice downhill ride. Maybe using Claire to propelle you a bit;) Well after all they've done, they still need some usage occasionally:P

Really good to have you back, and on the road to major ultimate recovery!
Hugs and kisses

Gemma and Paul

Anonymous said...

We're so sorry that we couldn't get to such a special birthday celebration because of something as trivial as a blizzard :) Seeing you blow out your candles would have been wonderful. We really, really must meet again some time.


Guy, Laurie, Frances and Erin

Anonymous said...

It's great to be reading up on how things are going for you.

It really is the simple things that take you by surprise now! I remember a few weeks ago being out a walk with Andy and it started snowing, I got quite emotional (silly maybe?) It was so good to be able to go out in it and still breathe unaided!!!

Well done on the shopping trip, very brave.

Keep up the good work.


Pauline xxx

Unknown said...

So lovely to read your words again. As you say' the little things' Making tea for your mum is just amazing. Keep going on in steady steps. Belated Happy Birthday and enjoy all that being 23 brings. Love Linda

Lizzie said...

I'm so happy for you Emily. Grinning ear to ear! All the things you can do you couldn't do before that most people take for granted! :-) Plus getting to go shopping for 4 hours...that has to be the best thing ever! hehe
Lizzie xxxx

Anonymous said...

Enjoy every minute Emily. And get this blog published!!! It's much better than wifeinthenorth.com!

Anonymous said...

hi emily
as with most of the uk i have been logging in every day to hear your progress and am so glad to hear that you are doing so well, and have celebrated your birthday with big smiles and big breaths.....how fantastic that all is going so well. i think of you all often and look forward to the next dance we have with you not in a wheelchair..... will email your hotmail so we can be back in touch.
good luck for the metro competition.
love, as always, jacqui cowlard xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily
Belated Happy Birthday & so glad to hear you are home & enjoying all the little things you could not do before .
Much Love Janet G.