Thursday, November 23, 2006

My nurse from the Brompton came today to take some bloods to see if we can work out if I have an infection brewing. It is hard to know as there is such a fine line, plus my lungs in their consistently Diva-like behaviour have decided that oral antibiotics are clearly passé so prefer to jump the queue straight to IVs. She did point out that it may not be anything new, and instead just my lungs new level of function since the summers antics. If that is the case then I am sure I will adapt, I am more worried about infection going untreated and causing further damage…I shall just wait and see and not ponder on it till tomorrow.

Far more excitingly, yesterday a nice man from the Oxygen company phoned me to say he was on his way round with a liquid oxygen…thing. The real name of it escapes me, mainly because it so resembles a Dalek I keep expecting it to start wheeling after me down the corridor shouting at me in a monotone way, I am rather tempted to name it Derek, Derek the Dalek makes me giggle every time I say it (I name all my equipment for those who don’t already know, v bad habit which I now cant break for fear that new equipment would spontaneously disassemble out of jealousy). He arrived and came in to assess where my dalek should go (sadly this meant he got to see the chaos that is my house at present due to a busy week or so) and eventually settled on the hallway, as it is well ventilated, not near any electrical equipment, and near the front door which was quite important as this beast weighs 11stone. The engineer was fantastic and explained everything really clearly. He was here for some time, going through all the technicalities (there are a lot of them) and demonstrating how everything works (I’m not sure I understood everything as I tend to change things in my head so that I remember them, for example the fact that “steam” will start to escape from main dalek as little cylinder is nearly full translates in my head that dalek is getting puffy having overexerted, which I don’t think is quite accurate). So I now have a great big dalek sitting in the hallway, and the small clever refillable cylinder which will give me back some freedom, yay!

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Spot the difference...

To be honest I am mortally afraid of the thing, which I shouldn’t be as it is clearly very safe, as long as you don’t do anything stupid like try and touch the nozzle you use to fill it up with as your hand will probably stick to it what with it being stupidly cold - I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say -200 degrees (incidentally when someone tells you constantly to make sure you don’t do something, does anyone else develop and overwhelming urge to do exactly that?) So nervy in fact that when he left and the small cylinder started making what I can only describe as honking noises I phoned him straight away and asked him to come back, only to confirm that this is just because it is new, and releasing pressure or something…I don’t know, as long as it’s not about to explode or something I don’t mind, although if said noises continue going out in public is going to be rather amusing (“would you like any cash back?” “Yes please could I…HONK” like some childish comedy gag).

When he was explaining to me how long it would last, saying how I could go out for half a day but then might need to pop home and refill it, I felt tears of happiness at this potential new freedom forming but managed to swallow them down before coming across as a hysterical over emotional woman. Even if I need to run it on 4 litres I can go out for about 4 hours but most excitingly, when the cylinder runs out, the fact I can refill it from the dalek in the hallway means I won’t be trapped at home waiting for a delivery of new cylinders. I road tested it last night and headed over to a friends house for lasagne and a sophisticated and profound film (pretty woman). The cylinder was quite well behaved, it seems to honk less when in use but complied and did kindly so at least three times which I appreciated for amusement value. I can now look forward to attending our Gospel workshop fundraiser for the CF Trust this Sunday ( for more details) which I didn’t think I would be able to go but am excited at the prospect of being part of what should be a fantastic day. Hurrah for Derek the Dalek!


Anonymous said...

Derek the dashing dalek!

Splendid news about the gospel concert ... only respectful and appreciative honking please :)

~ James

Emmie said...

Oh Emily, I'm laughing so much at that! Sounds like Derek has a wee bit of a wind problem if he has to keep honking to release the pressure ;o)

I am slightly scared at the prospect of someone of shall I put it....dippiness???....being allowed to operate machinery that could freeze parts of their anatomy off!!! But if it gives you your well deserved freedom then who cares if you lose a few fingers in the process?! ;o)

Love you muchly

Anonymous said...

Fingers are definitely overrated

Anonymous said...

Aujourdhui c'était une journée typiquement novembre, grise,pluvieuse,triste et morne .Mais en regardant rose et souriant, voilà de quoi rendre tout le monde heureux ! L'entrée en scene de Derek le Dalek !Quelle superbe nouvelle. On a l'impression qu'il fait déjà partie de la famille ! Evidemment son petit frère portable fait des bruits un peu génants ( ca nous a bien fait rire) mais quelle liberté !On voudrait bien vous rejoindre pour le Gospel, malheuresement, c'est un peu loin. Mais on pense à toi et Adam et souhaite à tout le monde une journée formidable. Gros bisous Linath

Rebecca said...

Yay to Derek the Dalek! He really does look like a dalek, hehe!

And I hope he can honk in tune ready for Sunday!

Wishing you lots and lots of fun with your new freedom!

Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

that blog tickled me and helen (brizzle housemate) very muchly my lovely Em! touched a nerve a little with me, as, when i was a mere whippersnapper, my parents and their friends used to call me a dalek. apparently my voice had not quite developed the sultry tones it boasts today, and rather interrupted social events by babbling at them in a relentless and demanding manner (no, nothing has changed). so i feel all kinds of hope for derek-may he honk on!xxx p.s. please don't use him unwisely-if there's an extermination we know who's the culprit...

Anonymous said...

Hehe, Derek the Dalek :D
Fingers crossed there's no nasty infection looming! Love and hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

Your blog made me laugh.. Im so pleased that you now have the freedom you have wanted! and you get to go on Sunday.. HAVE FUN!

XX Sandy xx

Anonymous said...

Welcome Derek...I can't help imagining a nasal voice booming from the hallway after a coughing fit: "EX-PEC-TOR-ATE, EX-PEC-TOR-ATE"!

Keep on honking hunny!

Anonymous said...

Emily, I did have a good giggle at your blog. Derek the dalek sounds like quite an improvement though I must say both machines look mighty intimidating - the original looks like a Sputnik!! Derek on the other hand is quite quite smart and a real addition to your hallway. What freedom, so off you go and have fun. Don't worry about an infection, I am sure you don't have one. Life is getting better by the minute and will continue to do so. So here's to tons more lasagne/film evenings and Gospel meetings. Not forgetting the shopping of course - I would hate to see your bank balance but then my own is no great shakes either!!

Keep on keeping well and getting better and better. Lots of love,

klics04 said...

derek the dalek is your other night in shining armour. glad it is leting you out and about abit now. I love pretty woman to, so sophisticated, hugs from cyprus. kevnles

Anonymous said...

Yay so glad you got it sweetie! Heres to long days out and about (spending lots of money on pretty earrings and such like)!!! YAY!!

Rachy xxx

Anonymous said...

yay! yay! yay! for the new freedoms!! am muchly happy for you...and also have a little bit of dalek-envy. :)

you had me giggling like a mad fool with this entry, especially the cash back scenario...honk away my love!

lots of love and hoping that the concert this weekend goes well (blame gner and their prices for the fact that i haven't made it home this wkend).

rach xxx

Anonymous said...

Emily, I wish you and yours a fabulous weekend. Will keep you in my thoughts at all times.

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,
Good news on finally getting the liquid O2. I have had mine since January and had to laugh at you naming it the Dalek as we call ours that as like you said their is a marked resemblance Ha! Ha!.
You will soon get used to it and I always say it sounds like a kettle boiling when the smaller cylinder is full when being filled.
Hope you enjoy many a shopping trip with it.
Heidi xx

Anonymous said...

Honk! Honk! Honk!
Sadly I have nothing mature to say today ;-)

Higs and Honks
Jac xx

misdee said...

Yay for derek the dalek!

have fun at teh weekend.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Am really glad it looks like you'll make it.
Always had a soft spot for the daleks.

See you soon! x

Lizzie said...

Hehe Derek the Dalek. I can see the resembelence. I know what you mean, i would be dying to touch it thinking "it can't possibly be that cold....ttssss ...there goes my skin....! (on this note i shouldn't go near the liquid nitrogen at work either...).
Lizzie xxx

Anonymous said...

yay for liquid oxygen and long trips out of the house! and u be sensible with that mean, hard looking machine em! ;)
Hugs xxxxx

Anonymous said...

I am glad that new futuristic looking thing is working well for you! Lots of positive vibes being sent your way!!!