Saturday, February 18, 2006

The other day I read in a bird book (the big book of birds or similar) that Robins are pugnacious creatures. I took an imediate like to the word, despite not being entirely sure what it means. I have since discovered that pugnacious means "eager of quick to argue, quarrel or fight" which amused me even more, as Robins are seemingly such tiny sweet creatures.

I decided to take inspiration from George and co when dealing with the suits at the top who, yet again, brought up issue no. 49650 with the T-shirts. This time with a minor panic that they will be a sold item and that it looks like we will get national press coverage. I find it all very hard to understand as surely national coverage of the campaign is a good thing?! It seems to me that sometimes the people at the top get so bogged down in rules, regulations and red tape, that they forget why they are doing the job in the first place. The end result of the conversation was to continue as we are anyway, which is good news, so we are still aiming to launch 1st week of March. Getting close now, scary but also rather exciting!

Yesterday was exactly a year since Harefield confirmed that not only did I need a transplant, but that I was unlikely to survive beyond a year without one. And 12 months on, I am still very much here, and I felt that yesterday was a day to be very smiley indeed and appreciate that fact! I am really extremely lucky, my rate of infections have slowed slightly, giving me more of a chance, and I survived that horrific lung collapse in the summer, and have come out the other side. Being that I am still on IVs and not feeling great I didnt go anywhere to celebrate, but some friends came over in the evening which was really lovely. Also wore my favourite earrings in celebration. Am going shopping with my mum this afternoon, I feel the need for something new and sparkly. Yay!

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Kiera said...

Have just seen your t-shirt website: it looks stunning!

Very, very well done.